Touch-controlled Dimmable Nursery Light

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One of the biggest challenges I found in the first few months of having Charlie was the night feeds and changes. Firstly, nobody told me he would poo every single time he would feed, including at 3am! Scrabbling around in the dark, or with my phone's flashlight on whilst trying not to cover it in milk or newborn poo, or putting my bright bedside lamp on making Charlie think it was daytime again, were not ideal options.

Finally, I found the solution. A compact, cordless, dimmable at just a touch, soft light! The light was soft enough to keep Charlie sleepy whilst he fed, easy for me to carry  to his changing table and it was bright enough for a nappy change - perfect!

Why we love it:

  • USB charger included
  • Three light temperatures: Natural light, White light and Warm light
  • Compact: (Deer design: 11.3cm tall, 10.5cm wide. Rabbit Design:10.5cm tall, 10.5cm wide)

Please allow 7-14 days for delivery.

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