Ultimate Gift Guide for Babies

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So Christmas is behind us, and this might sound like a really strange time to post about a gift buying guide, but, well…babies are born ALL THE TIME and maybe the last thing you feel like doing in January is getting out there and thinking about a gift again so let me take the brain work out of it for you and make a few suggestions!


I figured the best way to do this is to categorise it by age. Sometimes, with newborns you might want to focus on the mother for gift buying…she has after all just done the equivalent of running a marathon and then all the attention is lavished on this tiny being that really only needs warmth, milk and sleep! Of course I’ll make suggestions for what the newborn baby needs but also the mum, and then you may want to gift something in 6 or 9 months time for the little one once they need more things!? All just suggestions and ideas so without further ado let’s get going!


Newborn (0-3 months):

  • Muslins
  • Swaddles
  • Changing Mat
  • Black and White Newborn Flashcards
  • Nappy Caddy
  • Nice hand soap and cream for mum
  • Gift vouchers for mum (time, like offering to wash up/cook/clean/hold the baby whilst she showers)
  • Subscription to a meal delivery service for a week


Baby (3-9 months):


Toddler (9 months +)


These are just ideas and more to get your juices flowing for the types of things that are age appropriate for the newest person in your life! 


And if the newest person in your life is your own baby, don’t forget to download my Essential Toolkit for new parents: a 14 page booklet with all the lists you need as a parent for the first time, or even the second or third time. Let’s be honest, those little angels take everything out of us for the first few months, can we really remember everything needed by the time number 2 comes around?

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