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I never imagine how rock and roll my life would become when Charlie and I started the weaning process, and I started considering my wipe use! So, here is the blog you never know you needed!

I realised I was using more and more disposable wipes for all his messy mealtimes as well as every nappy change. My husband who does the weekly supermarket shop started complaining he was buying packets every week and I was feeling really guilty about the growing pile of single use plastic waste. I did a lot of reading around the subject and decided to go ahead with reusable wipes and I will never look back - I LOVE THEM and I would love to share what I have learnt with you!


There are two main fabrics to choose from when considering washable wipes. Super soft bamboo wipes which are great for hands and faces as well as sensitive bottoms. I decided to sell these on my store because they are more sustainable and they are extremely versatile. The other is terry cotton towel, which has a little more ‘grip’ for those really messy mealtimes (think grated carrot stains!) or toddler nappy changes! You can use any old towel you have in your home and cut them up to suitable sizes!

There isn’t a correct choice I’ve found, but know that whatever you decide, it will be better for the environment than disposables.


You can simply run them under the tap when it comes to needing one at mealtimes or even if you’re very prepared for nappy change time. However, I like to have my wet wipes prepared at home in a tub I had lying about at home. I half-fill it with water, add some essential oil (I use a lavender and chamomile mix) and add as many wipes as will fit in my tub. When there is an emergency mess they are at hand immediately for a mop up!


Similarly, I have another handy tub for the dirty wipes. The most convenient is one that has a hinged lid, but any lidded tub or container will do. Make sure to differentiate it in some way from the clean container, mine are different colours but you could simply write CLEAN and DIRTY on the lids! I also add a little water and essential oil to this container to keep things smelling fresh. I highly recommend Tea Tree Oil for the dirty container as it has natural anti-bacterial properties and still smells good!


If you don’t fancy bringing your reusable wipes with you when you go out that is absolutely fine! However, it’s not as tricky as you might think. There are plenty of transportable options available, for example here you have a small waterproof container you can store clean wet wipes in, it even has a really handy opening to access clean wipes quickly. You can carry a separate one with you for your dirty wipes which you can just pop into your dirty tub when you get back home.


When your dirty tub gets full, simply take it to your washing machine and chuck the whole lot in. I try and time my wipes wash until I’m doing towels or bedding and wash at 60C. But, it is completely fine to wash them along with a standard wash at 30C. Before you recoil in horror at this idea, ask yourself how you feel about washing your baby’s vest, or babygro after a newborn poo explosion in amongst your normal washing. I bet you did this without thinking and this is no different!

As for drying, you can pop them straight into your clean tub again from damp, or in summer I like to hang them in the sun to dry for the natural cleansing/whitening it provides.


  • Around 30-40 wipes (depending on how many children you have and how often you put the wash on)
  • 2 lidded tupperware tubs (one for clean one for dirty)
  • Essential Oils (I recommend Tee Tree Oil for dirty)
  • Optional Extra - travel bag for out and about
  • Optional Extra - wet + dry bag for keeping the used wipes and larger soiled items away from clean items whilst you're out and about

Please feel free to contact me at if you have further questions. I am passionate about the environment and also believe these wipes are actually better for our babies too, so please get in touch if you have any doubts!

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