Finally a stylish unisex giftbox for little ones born in Madrid!

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I am thrilled to post this guest blog post written by Carmen of NOOX City Kids Madrid. She created the beautiful crinkly books for babies and toddlers, and then made some gorgeous accompanying gifts that go with it. Here she is explaining her "why" for them. Thank you Carmen



After almost 4 years in Madrid, I have built quite a network of both Spanish and international friends in their 30’s and 40’s. At least once a month I need a gift for a baby visit or baby shower. Soon I realised I missed Madrid-themed baby presents, as I find it nice to give something related to the city where the baby is born. Having one daughter born in Jakarta and the other one born in Madrid, I still value the pictures of them as a baby discovering their city. I was surprised there was nothing to be found as a gift related to Madrid, especially as I know how proud Madrileños are of their city and how much they are into babies. In the Netherlands, where I am from, city-merchandise for babies is very popular. A friend of mine started NOOX City Kids there and now sells thirteen different city-collections with high-quality products to welcome new babies in these cities. 

A year ago I started the franchise NOOX City Kids Madrid and met Clarissa, the owner of Charlie’s Footsteps. She supports moms who just moved to Madrid with all kinds of information they need and she sells the most wonderful baby essentials which are difficult to find elsewhere. So helpful, I wish I knew her when I just arrived here. Lately we discovered we share a passion about unique baby presents that are made in an ethical manner and which are gender-neutral. Hard to find in Madrid! Together with Valentina, an entrepreneur who puts her love into handmade crochet toys and made the rattle of the chulapo cat which is typically Madrid. After having a coffee in the Madrilenian sun, we came up with the idea to create a gift box together, with some of our bestsellers! We are very proud of the result! The first responses have been very positive:  "A great gift box to buy on behalf of our team for a colleague expecting a baby!" and "It's super nice to give a box full of unique products which new parents haven’t got from others yet!". And that's true, this box is different and should be checked out! For sure you will need one soon with this baby boom coming :-)


Check out the box HERE

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  • Such a wonderful gift box, for sure this will become a success :-) Thank you so much Clarissa!

    Carmen on

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