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Please introduce yourself and your family

Hi I'm Jess from the UK, my husband is Spanish and we have an 8 month old son Hugo. We live in Spain and so I went through the Spanish health care system for both pregnancy and birth.

Did you write or discuss a birth preference in preparation?
Yes, I read a lot of birth stories and planned my birth preferences meticulously. I then went through it with my husband, as I realised he might be the one to have to explain it to the midwives and doctors. Finally, I presented parts of it to my gynaecologist, although I realise now that it's really the staff on the day that need to know the information. I also noticed that my preferences reduced a lot the closer I got to my due date.
What type of birth did you have?
I had an assisted vaginal birth. I was in labour for 14 hours, the contractions came on thick and fast at 10pm and we checked into the hospital at 3am at 2cm dilated. I had planned to have an epidural which I requested around 6am, and by 1pm Hugo was born! He needed some help to move down the birth canal at the end hence the assistance.
Strongest memories?
Throughout my whole pregnancy, I had a huge fear of medical procedures and being out of control during labour and the birth but in the end I was so elated that the time to meet my baby had finally arrived that I was quite serene and calm. The moment baby was put on my chest felt so surreal, like meeting a stranger that you have already known for 9 months. Absolutely wild.
Best thing you packed in your hospital bag (or used if you were at home)?
The things which made me feel human again after birth. Nice Pjs/ cosy slippers/lovely scented toiletries. Then the very necessary nappies, like actual nappies, so much easier than knickers and a pad for the first few hours at least.
Anything else you want to share?
I know at the moment there's lots of hype about the perfect birth plan etc. and of course there are things I would have done differently, but in all honesty, 8 months later I can say it didn't matter in the end, those last weeks of pregnancy were hard and I was so excited to meet my baby I just wanted him out! I wish I hadn't stressed so much over my perfect birth.

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