Charlie's Story

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Please introduce yourself and your family

I’m Charlie. Married to Kris and we have an almost 12 month old daughter Elijah.


Did you write or discuss a birth preference in preparation?

Yes. My hospital required quite a detailed one to be sent in advance. I was pretty open minded to what ever was better for Elijah. But ideally I wanted minimal handling and not to be laying on a bed 

What type of birth did you have?

Water, just what I planned actually!

Strongest memories?

How freaky it was when she was almost out and I could feel her hair in the water. She came into this world with a speed that she has repeated through her life. Girl doesn’t hang around! So that meant as she was born I scooped her up and was the only one to touch her for 3 glorious hours. (Whilst she began the process of destroying my nipples) 

Best thing you packed in your hospital bag (or used if you were at home)?

Had a super rapid birth bag remained in the car. Home... hot water bottle to warm the cot before I put her down

Anything else you want to share?

Women’s bodies are amazing!

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